The healing power of medicinal plants has been known about for generations. Floradix liquid supplements  have developed this knowledge by combining herbal extracts with vitamins and minerals to create a range of tonics, which protect health and increase natural vitality.

Their liquid supplements are designed to be both easy on, and supportive of the digestive tract. The products allow high absorption of nutrients to help support functions of the body as well as metabolic processes.


The Herbal Dog Co provides an entirely animal-centric range of lotions and potions. Every single product which they have created is centred around natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals and is hand made in England.

They use sustainable packaging and if your Herbal Dog Co product comes in a bottle, it will be a PCR bottle that is made from one of the easiest plastics to recycle.

A range of shampoos, conditioners and tonics available with a saving of 20% during March.







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Promoting a Positive Lifestyle Choices

We pride ourselves on providing a great range of our products that are suitable for individuals who follow plant-based and gluten-free lifestyles. We only source the best quality products, many of which we personally test and use day-to-day so that we are confident that we are offering our customers the very best value for money.

Playing Our Part in Protecting our Plant

Protecting our Planet makes business sense, taking responsibility by reducing out own waste, aiming to stock zero-waste or plastic-free products and seeking locally produced brands all helps.  We hold a firm commitment to ensure no plastic is used in our store to ship orders and we recycle everything we can lay our hands on. To reduce waste, we donate products that are close to their expiry dates to local food banks and charities, playing our part in our local communities.

Supporting Great Brands

We seek out products and brands that follow the same ethos as us, ensuring we do all that we can to support those businesses. As we grow, we will ensure that we use this approach to shape how we build and develop our store. We aim to source products directly from the maker and will avoid intermediaries and wholesalers if possible.

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